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Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-33VB

Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-33VB
Infiniti/Challenger Xaar Wide Format Printer Model: FY-3316B (33VB)

The wide format solvent printer FY-33VB is an old Infiniti/Challenger model that was first launched 8 years ago. Far from obsolete, this model offers excellent cost performance and is a tried-and-true companion for outdoor advertising professionals. The low-cost Xaar 128 Piezo print heads are lightweight and compact, making a perfect fit for the motion rail and machine body.

Technical Specifications
Print HeadOn demand Piezo Head Xaar 128
Number of Print head44×24×34×4
Ink TypeSolvent Ink
Printing Width 3200mm ( 125.98")
SpeedDraft 18.00 m2/h 35.00 m2/h 48.00 m2/h 70.00 m2/h
Standard 9.60 m2/h 17.50 m2/h 26.25 m2/h 35.00 m2/h
High Quality 7.00 m2/h 14.00 m2/h 21.00 m2/h 28.00 m2/h
MediaMax Width 3300mm( 129.92")
TypeFrontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Polyester, Window Film, Mesh, Leather, Backlit Film
Heating SystemPre-heater & Dry System Equipped (Fan Optional)
Auto Media Feeding & Take-up SystemOptional
Auto Cleaning SystemPositive Pressure Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0 or High Speed Printing Interface Card
RIP SoftwareInfiniti RIP or Maintop
Dimension & WeightMachineL 4,100mm×W 770mm×H 1,120mm & 390kg
PackingL 4,470mm×W 880mm×H 1.300mm & 480kg

High Printing Speed
Our printer can be fitted with a maximum of 16 print heads, guaranteeing excellent printing speeds.

Print Head Protection
Powerful suction fans are installed underneath the printing platform. This setup prevents collisions between carriage and print media, effectively shielding the print heads even during high speed operation.

Economical Solvent Ink (XAAR 128)
The Xaar 128 print head has an 80pl nozzle, which allows for a high degree of ink compatibility. It is cheaper to replenish than print heads from brands such as Konica, Epson, and Spectra.

The wide format solvent printer FY-33VB is a trusted tool of the Ad sign industry. It produces excellent results from print media such as mesh, vinyl, banner, vehicle wrap, window file, and perforated vinyl.

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