1. Pre-sale technical support is available for the CNC router, CNC plasma cutter, solvent printer, eco-solvent printer, printer spare parts, and various media & displays.

2. We offer proofing services for the laser engraving/cutting machine. Photos and videos are uploaded with footage of sample yields, which can be tailored according to client-side specifications. Unique raw material requirements can be accommodated if the customer can send us a sample. Processed yields can be shipped back for inspection. Shipping and processing fees are covered by our company.

3. Printer ink samples can be ordered in small quantities. All costs including shipping are to be paid by the client.

Q. What type of service is provided during transactions? How are fragile components handled and compensated? When are goods delivered?
A. Purchase of additional fragile/consumable materials is highly recommended. Products are shipped within one week of receiving payment.

Q. What type of after-sales service is available? How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
A. A 1 year warranty is provided for products including the printer, CNC router, CNC plasma cutting machine, and the laser engraving/cutting machine. Ink products have a 1 year shelf life; during this period they are guaranteed to perform as intended. No coverage is available for print media or printer spare parts. Within the constraint of the warranty, compensation in the form of spare components is provided for unintentional damages resulting from natural causes. Tech support is available via video-feed to assist owners with the correct installation of replacement parts.

Q. What other types of services are available?
A. Long-distance technical support is provided. For detailed information please consult the SUPPORT documents.

Q. Are OEM services available?
A. We do not offer OEM at this time.

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