Environment Protection

As an enterprise, our primary concern is profitability. As a mature enterprise, we recognize the impact of our operations and consequently, our pending social responsibility.

Since its inception, Vision Tech has always been an advocate of environment protection, actively seeking green alternatives and striving to maintain a smaller carbon footprint. All of our business operations are in strictly compliance with the international standards for energy consumption assessment. This year, we fulfilled the promise to reduce energy consumption. The power expenditure of our devices is reduced by 25% in comparison with 2007. We implement an eco-friendly business model that is in adherence with the low-carbon and energy-saving requirements of the International Environmental Conventions.

Paperless office
"Save the trees. Protect the environment. Breathe easier." This mantra compels us to adopt a paperless office. Everything is done electronically, we do not print out documents unless it is absolutely necessary. E-fax has already replaced all of our conventional fax equipment.

Non-toxic and harmless production
As part of our environment protection campaign, all products are now made from eco-friendly materials with non-toxic attributes. Our recently launched new generation eco-solvent ink is safe for the working environment and emits no harmful VOCs (volatile organic components).

Recyclable packing materials
Going against the grain, we say nay to the conventional methods of Chinese packaging, which is often luxury and entirely unpractical. We choose to focus on the product itself, complimenting it with simple, practical and environmental friendly packaging. All packing materials are recyclable and biodegradable. The Earth has a finite amount of resources and it is our responsibility to "use and reuse".

Vision Tech remains vigilante, never undermining the importance of environment protection. As an informed enterprise, it is our due responsibility.

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