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Large Format Solvent Printer Flora LJ-3208K

Large Format Solvent Printer Flora Model: LJ-3208K

This large format solvent printer Flora LJ-3208K utilizes 8 Konica Minolta KM1024 or KM512 print heads. Working at double CMYK colors modes, it achieves the maximum printing speed of 140m²/h and upmost resolution of 720×1440dpi.

Apart from the advantages of high print speed and high precision, its print head possesses high compatibility with the ink. There is a plurality of inks applicable for users to choose. Therefore, this device is flexible in usage.

1.Under multiple-point support, the integral steel frame enables the large format solvent printer to operate stably at high speed without any mechanical vibration, with the print precision guaranteed.

2. This machine accomplishes optimal printing quality due to the industrial automatic cloth feeding and collecting systems that prevent the medium from corrugating and moving.

3. Under the assistance of the negative pressure system, it offers smooth ink supply while printing at high speed.

4. The optical fiber system is able to transmit a large capacity of image datum rapidly.

5. Our large format solvent printer adopts the special cloth lifting device to keep the moving accuracy of the cloth, as well as the printing precision.

6. This machine is configured with multi-drying system, which consists of the special heating and drying fans, cold wind diversion drying system, traditional segmented heating panels and a specially mounted separated sealed drying system. Therefore, the printed image will be dried as quickly as could in the process of printing at high speed. Meanwhile, our large format solvent printer makes full use of the cold wind diversion system to keep the ink and print medium cool promptly back to the common status. At the premise of improving the ability of the medium to absorb the ink, this system makes the image glossy and vivid.

Technical Parameters
Printing control
Technology for printing head8 Konica printing heads
Printing speedKM512/42PL printing head or KM1024/14PL printing head
Draft output: 108m²/h, 92m²/h, 140m²/h, 135m²/h
Standard output: 70m²/h, 59m²/h, 92m²/h, 85m²/h
High precision output: 54m²/h, 45.7m²/h, 70m²/h, 66m²/h
Ultrahigh precision output:36.8m²/h, 30.3m²/h, 48.6m²/h, 46m²/h
Output precisionMaximum 720×1440dpi
Inkjet technologyDrop-on-demand, piezoelectric type ink spraying, solvent ink jetting technology
Type of inkEnvironment protective, colorful, outdoor durable solvent ink
Color formulations4 colors: C+M+Y+K
Ink reservoir4L (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
RIP softwarePhotoPrint Flora version
Color controlInternational standard ICC color control, adjustable curves and density, etc.
File formatTIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
Medium system
Material handlingIndustrial standard cloth feeding system and collecting system, cloth lifting device
Specifications of coiled materialMax. width 330cm, diameter of coil 35cm, weight 100kg
Data transmission
Data interfaceHigh speed USB transmission
Dimension of machine
Size of machine4.76m×1.02m×1.50m
Size of packing container5.10m×1.09m×1.76m
Weight of machine700/800kg
Operating environment
Relative humidity20-80%
Power supply
Heating power4000w
System power3500w
Input parametersInput voltage: AC 200 to 240V, single phrase, 50/60Hz,16A (system), 20A (heating)
Warranty periodOne year (customers can consult the local dealer about the detailed information)

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